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'Thunoli's Debut Book is doing Wonders'

The Kannur, Kerala native, Vineeth Thunoli who has spent early years of his life in Dubai and later shifted to India, had his higher education in India and the United Kingdom. The author of the book, 'The Ornate Clock’ inherited the skill of storytelling from his beloved grandmother. It is of no wonder that his book is performing exceptionally well across the globe.

His book has also received praises from several news media in the country:

"A hair raising read" - The New Indian Express.
"The potential of the thriller genre is huge" -Manorama Online.

When asked about his decision of becoming a writer, Vineeth said that he was always inspired by non-fiction writers like William Dalrymple and Manu S Pillai, but unlike them, he prefers writing fiction.

Here's a glimpse of the Q&A with the author:

The title 'The Ornate Clock' holds a mystery in itself. Can you explain the title to the curious readers without any spoilers?

The Ornate clock alludes to an object which Jaison; the protagonist, finds in a certain situation. It is a watch to be precise, but I chose the title 'The Ornate clock', since it sounds better. It is a beautiful watch with intricate designs; the type that people used to carry with them in their pockets before the wristwatch became popular. The readers are the ones to find out what the watch will do or why it was found and where it was found.

Although The Ornate clock falls into the genre of fiction, there are a lot of realistic incidents happening. Were they inspired from real life or was it a product of your imagination?

A certain incident was inspired from the life of my grandfather. I didn't use it exactly as it happened in his life. I had to alter it to suit the story. It was my granny who narrated the incident. It had been playing in my mind ever since. So when I began writing, I didn't think twice about using it.

When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

I'm not sure when exactly! I was inspired by certain non-fiction writers like William Dalrymple and Manu S Pillai, although I prefer to write fiction.

Write something new and make readers fall in love with it or write about what people already have a craze for. Which one do you prefer?

It would be difficult for me to choose one. I don't think over those lines usually. If a storyline pops up in my mind and I find it worthy, I simply go ahead with it.

How long did you have the idea of 'The Ornate clock' with you?

Around five years or even more. But it was only 2 years ago that I thought I could bring it out into a novel.

Have you ever had writers' block? If yes, what did u do at that time?

In fact, I didn't have any when I was writing this novel. Before I began writing, I had a clear idea of the entire story.

Can readers expect sequels of the ornate clock?

I've been thinking about it. In fact, several readers have asked me the same question. I'm considering it, but right now I'm working on something else.

Having achieved your dream of becoming an author, what tips do you have for aspiring authors?

If you have an idea and you find it worth telling, then you should definitely go ahead and pen it down.

Vineeth also advices on writing all the ideas that one feels worth telling, as an inspiration to aspiring authors.

The Ornate Clock is a crime mystery where a guy named Jaison unexpectedly lands himself in an unusual situation and finds himself in the darkest side of the world. In his struggle to escape, he happens to discover a secret, something which is hidden from others, something that can bring a 360 degree change in his life.

The book is written from Jaison's perspective. It takes the reader on an exceptional ride of mystery, thriller and more. The book also has unexpected twists where the clouds of darkness suddenly turn into the ray of hope.

The book has been honored as Booksthakam’s 'Most Read eBook on Amazon Kindle' in the USA. Also, it has multiple reviews listed in the description section of Amazon which adds to its magnificence.
To read the reviews, click on Amazon.

One of the reviews states that 'This book exhibits an admirable metafiction throughout the mystical tale, never giving in to tired clichés or overwrought sermonizing. It's a stunning, audacious book with a fresh take on a second chance of rectifying the life you lived. Magical.'

A Quote from 'The Ornate Clock'

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