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🚀 Our Story and Mission: Empowering Entrepreneurial Dreams

Welcome to Booksthakam Business, where empowerment meets entrepreneurship. Led by our renowned founder Ashvin Raj AKA One Dollar Instructor, our professional team is on a mission to turn every business idea into a registered company, elevating opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. Booksthakam Business, your trusted partner in transforming visionary ideas into thriving businesses.

🚀 Booksthakam Business Solutions
Your Gateway to Seamless Business Launch!

Empower your startup with our comprehensive services, designed to guide and support you at every stage of your entrepreneurial journey.

🌟 All-Inclusive Business Launch Package:

LLP Registration:

  • We ensure a seamless LLP registration process, providing partners with limited liability for enhanced security.

Legal Documentation Services:

  • From drafting to purchasing, we manage all necessary legal documentation, ensuring compliance and clarity.

Digital Signature:

  • A secure digital signature is provided for one partner, facilitating smooth and secure document filing.

Online Presence Setup:

  • We initiate your digital journey with website setup, domain purchase, and guidance.

Business Communication Hub:

  • Benefit from 5 free business email setups without any subscription fees, ensuring effective and professional communication.

Tax and Compliance Assistance:

  • Our expert team handles GST registration, and CA filing for incorporation, and ensures strict adherence to regulatory compliance.

Office Seals:

  • All necessary office seals will be expertly crafted, contributing to the professional image of your business.

Banking Solutions:

  • We facilitate a zero-balance bank account through our banking partner, offering financial convenience from the start.

Google Business Profile Creation:

  • Enhance your visibility with a professionally crafted business profile on Google Search and Maps.

On-Call Assistance:

  • Receive personalized on-call assistance at every step of your journey, ensuring a smooth and guided experience.​

Networking Support:

  • Connect with relevant bodies to pitch to investors, seek grants, and upscale your business, leveraging our extensive network.

💼 Why Choose Booksthakam Business?

✨ Transparent Cost Breakdown:

  • We provide detailed payment receipts, ensuring complete transparency in our pricing.

✨ No Hidden Fees:

  • Say goodbye to unexpected charges; our package is all-inclusive with no hidden fees.

✨ Lifetime Collaboration:

  • Benefit from ongoing guidance and collaboration from our dedicated team of professionals.

✨ Expertise:

  • Benefit from the experience of a seasoned professional team.

✨ Comprehensive Solutions:

  • We register companies and enhance their potential.

✨ Global Consultation:

  • Consulting authors and businesses globally.

✨ Dedication to Education:

  • Extensive experience addressing students' needs.

💰 All-Inclusive Package Price: ₹29,999 + GST

Empower your entrepreneurial journey by concentrating on your business while we handle the intricacies of setting up your company.

24/7 Chat Support

 Get in Touch with Team Booksthakam Business

Reach out to our business support team via our WhatsApp business chat. Feel free to schedule an online meeting for a comprehensive walkthrough of our services and offerings.  Receive real-time updates, never automated messages. Your business journey with Booksthakam is our priority, making it exceptional in every way.

Booksthakam Business
Your Partner in Business Success! 
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