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Expert Teacher Sosamma Thomas pens down her Words of Wisdom: ‘Leaves from a Teacher’s Diary’

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

What more can a teacher’s diary bear? Ranging from prayers to blessings, ‘Leaves from a Teacher’s Diary’ is a rewarding catalogue for teachers as well as parents. Though it entails the experiences of a teacher throughout the shifts in her career, it is not only a manual for teachers, but also an awareness composition for parents.

Mrs. Sosamma Thomas, with more than 40 years of teaching experience, has a lot to say to the younger generation of teachers.

“The chapter titled ‘Leaves from a Teacher’s Diary’ is a must read for all young people striving to succeed as good teachers”, -Team Booksthakam

With her first collection of poetry titled ‘The Fifth Sparrow’ published in 2015, the author began her journey in writing. Teaching and Writing are the two great things she really enjoys.

The greatest satisfaction I get is when one of my students comes back and tells me, "Ma'am you have made a difference in my life", says Sosamma Thomas.

Presenting tiny and beautiful incidents with her students in her teacher’s diary, she staunchly believes that ‘a teacher should be student- centered, not syllabus-centered.’

Basically the author’s works are centered principally on her experiences, though most of her poetry has flavours of nature in them.

“Teaching is a divine call and I shall forever be a teacher at heart”- Mrs. Sosamma Thomas, Teacher, Author & Motivational Speaker.

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