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Ann's debut book launch by Actor Anumol

The Silhouette Sketch was a Bestseller even before its release!

The Silhouette Sketch: A Half Memoir is an autobiographical piece of writing, wherein confused teenagers and youth can draw inspiration and motivation to face the difficult situations in life. The book helps you know why you are not ‘alone’ in whatever you are going through. Besides, the book helps in guiding parents to understand their children better. As a blended entity, the book helps the readers to find their own ‘self-help’ from within and beyond.

Actor Anumol revealed the book cover on July 2, 2021, via her Instagram handle @anumolofficial, and the book hit the Amazon Bestseller Chart on the first day of its pre-order after the cover reveal. It proved the overwhelming support of Actor Anumol and her followers.

About The Author

Ms. Ann Mary is an International teacher of English Language and Literature who has a deep love for writing, teaching and movies. She is a TEFL certified, Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) who has proven her excellence in writing through paper presentations and chapter publications in reputed journals. Her areas of focus encompass the domains of film criticism, media and society; with prime focus on gender studies and Visual Culture.

Having cleared the National Eligibility Test (NET), TCBE (Tesol Canada Board Exam), and the Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) from Cambridge Assessment English makes her a qualified teacher with validated skills to teach and write in accordance with the 21st century learning design.

Actor Anumol was also the host to launch the book which released on July 11th

Launching THE SILHOUETTE SKETCH - A HALF MEMOIR by @ann_mary_official .


Publishing books and articles is an important source of advancement in one's career... I applaud the publication of your wonderful book on rearing women...It's not only on women; but details the struggles of every teenager and youth in one way or the other. Thank you for sharing with us the gift that you have worked so hard to refine. I trust your book will also soon be the Number 1 Bestseller.I wanted to thank you personally for your thought-provoking stories on gaslighting, learned helplessness, parenting and personal life traumas most of us go through.. Congratulations and best wishes Ann, I would love to read more books from you. Waiting for more from you ❤️

You can order it here

The Book is now in Top 10 Bestsellers under Emotional Self Help, Amazon India

Amazon Reviews

Reviewed in India on 11 July 2021

a very open, sincere life story to inspire youngsters...a girl's struggles... A calm sea and shallow water from the outside, while inside rages an ever growing storm of deep seas and rough waters

Reviewed in India on 11 July 2021

A teenager must read the book. Explained the facts of life by giving priority to gender equalities. In a relationship, it's not that easy to understand and think from both perspectives. Just like how Ann described in this book 'our life doesn't come with a reliable instruction manual' however, this book can be a calling for people to get back up in their lives leaving their past and for teenagers just starting to experience what life really is. Favourite quotes from the book that I will treasure forever: "our life doesn’t come with a reliable instruction manual. Our mistakes are our guides that help us move forward and all of them constitute the ‘human’ in us." "How could a girl defend herself against an approaching Tsunami; especially when she was in deep love with the sea!?"

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