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Booksthakam is always open for unsolicited submissions for both fiction and non-fiction categories. At Booksthakam, it's all about your creative freedom and we are open 24*7 to make your dream come true


Manuscript Submission Guidelines:

To submit manuscripts for evaluation, please e-mail the following to:


Required Elements:

  1. Concept Note

    • Briefly outline the concept of your manuscript, including the intended audience, targeted market segment, word count, and illustrative content (if applicable).

  2. Synopsis of the Book

    • Provide a concise overview of the entire book, highlighting key themes and plot points.

  3. List of Contents (Index Table)

    • Include a structured table of contents, providing an organized glimpse into the structure of your manuscript.

  4. Two Sample Chapters

    • Share two representative chapters that showcase the essence and style of your writing.

  5. Author/Illustrator Write-up

    • Include a short bio or write-up introducing the author/s and/or illustrator. Highlight relevant experiences, achievements, or qualifications.

Please Mention the Following in Your Email:

  1. Full Name

  2. Title Name (Working title is fine)

  3. Mobile Number

Additional Information:

  • We are currently accepting submissions only in English.

  • For poetry submissions, the synopsis may be a short note on the kind of poems included.

Submission Process:

Please allow at least 14 days for your manuscript to be considered for publication.

We kindly request you not to send hard copies unless specifically requested by our team of editors.

Important Notice:

Booksthakam will not be responsible for any loss or damage to unsolicited material. Ensure that all submissions are sent digitally to

We look forward to discovering and exploring the literary treasures within your manuscript.

Upon accepting your manuscript: 

Annual List and Tradition

We meticulously curate an annual list, shaped by thorough research on market trends. If your submission aligns with this list and receives acceptance, congratulations! Your work will be traditionally published under the esteemed Booksthakam main publishing house. In this model, we cover all costs, and there's no financial burden on the author. 

Beyond the List: The Hybrid Model

Now, what if your submission doesn't fit into the annual list, but our editorial team sees the spark in your work? Fear not! We propose another avenue—our Hybrid Model. In this scenario, authors contribute a one-time payment. This investment is utilized to propel your book through the market, ensuring it reaches its deserving audience. Your book will be published under our renowned imprints, and just like the traditional model, both modes provide authors with the same privileges.

What It Means for You

Whether traditional or hybrid, your work with Booksthakam brings lifetime privileges and recognition. We are committed to amplifying your voice in the literary world.

Note for Authors: Literary Agents and Manuscript Submissions

At Booksthakam, we welcome manuscript submissions from over 10 countries, fostering a global community of storytellers. Our international reach is made possible through our association with literary agents from around the world.

The Role of Literary Agents

Submitting your manuscript through a literary agent can significantly enhance the chances of your work getting published. Literary agents serve as invaluable partners in connecting authors with publishing opportunities. At Booksthakam, we value and respect the role of literary agents in bringing exceptional stories to our attention.

Commission-Based Partnership

It's important to note that as part of our commitment to fair practices, no author is required to pay any amount to any literary agent associated with Booksthakam. Our relationship with literary agents is commission-based, and they are compensated on a royalty basis.

No Fee Collection by Literary Agents

We want to emphasize that no literary agent associated with Booksthakam is authorized to collect any money from authors. The practice of collecting fees from authors is highly discouraged, and any such instance should be reported to us immediately.

A Transparent and Collaborative Approach

At Booksthakam, we believe in a transparent and collaborative approach to publishing. We are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the publishing process, ensuring that authors and literary agents can engage with us in a fair and supportive manner.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the submission process or the role of literary agents, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to discovering and showcasing exceptional literary works from around the world.

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