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For writers and aspiring writers,

we offer a range of services under the following categories

IT Consulting

New to the world of writing? Don’t worry, Booksthakam will happily address every single one of your queries. We share our thoughts and genuine suggestions to help you in your book publishing journey.  For us, this is not a money minting exercise but a knowledge-sharing opportunity.

With a team of seven bestselling authors, we have been through this over and over again.  We love to share our experience; we would be delighted to have a chance to interact with you and help you with any kind of support in your writing journey.

Write to us at to book an appointment and a free telephonic consultation. Let us connect and share thoughts.

Book cover design
Graphic Design Office

Books are still judged by its covers. A good cover will create a great first impression. No matter how good the content is, a good cover design is your tool to get your readers hooked. Our in-house design team can work with you and get you a great customized cover design, yes, your book deserves it. Check out the cover design plans here.

The following content to be given in the details page for cover design services

We should display some great covers here

Basic (INR 1000)-

A design created using stock images based on your suggestions.

A maximum of two sample designs to choose from.

Premium (INR 2,500)-

A design created using specially created images for you.

Maximum four samples to choose from.

Fully Customized (INR 5,000)-

A fully customized design according to your suggestions and inputs.

You will be involved in all stages of design. Maximum five revisions.

Interior design- Rates vary according to the specific requirements.


Write to us at to book an appointment and a detailed discussion.

Illustrations- Rates vary according to the specific requirements.

Write to us at to book an appointment and a detailed discussion.

Book teasers creation
Young Designer

Just like a movie, a book also needs a teaser. Social media presence is the key these days. A well-crafted teaser can help in creating a hype before the book release. Work with us to create a catchy teaser for your book.

Author website creation
Website Mockup

It isn’t just your book; you too need to be known. After all, you are the master brain behind your masterpiece. Amidst scores of writers out there, you need to have a base wherein you can be reached by your readers anytime.


A website isn’t just about sharing information, it’s a powerful way of building your own brand. What better way to announce yourself than to have a website with as its address? Don’t worry about the technicalities of building it, just leave it to Team Booksthakam. We work with you to create your personalized website that best suits your needs and brand. And don’t worry, it isn’t expensive at all. Feel free to reach out to us for customized plans.

Book Promotion
Board Meeting

At Team Booksthakam, we strive to help you in promoting your work. It isn’t just about a bunch of social media posts or reviews; we work closely with you to get your work noticed. We have a strong reader base comprising of enthusiastic readers who believe in us. If your work gets through our editorial review, we will be with you in ensuring that your work reaches out to the intended audience.

We have a reputation of being non-biased. Because here, we believe in quality. Content is the king. And we are here to provide equal opportunities for all the authors who have good content with them. Do reach out to us for book submissions and customized promotional packages.

Line Editing and Proof-reading

You have done justice to yourself by pouring out everything that you had, but what about the reader? Is your writing polished enough to reach your target audience? Is it enough to make the desired impact?

As they say, the right intent does not always create the right impact.

Don’t worry, Team Booksthakam is here to help you. We help you in nourishing your content, we help you in enhancing your book’s impact, we never drown you out, instead, we help you in amplifying your own voice.

We respect your creativity and passion and we help you in bringing out the best of your thoughts in a way that best serves your intentions. Feel free to reach out to us for customized packages.


If you believe your work has the magic to fly high beyond borders, then don’t let language be a deterrent for you. Our translation services help your work in reaching out to a much wider reader base.

Currently, our translation services are limited to the following:

·        Malayalam to English

·        English to Malayalam


Do reach out to us for a customized translation services package that will give you the best value for your investment. For us, it isn’t just a one-time service. We work closely with you and take your work through the translation hurdle with no hassles whatsoever. You don’t have to worry about the revision limits, because, at Booksthakam, we believe in delivering the best and if it takes an unlimited number of revisions, then so be it.

Comprehensive publishing packages
Business Meeting

If you are a newbie author and don’t have any idea about how to get your work published, this is the best option for you. Here, you just need to do what you do best- write your heart out. Once done, all you need is to share it with us. We give wings to your masterpiece and let it fly transcending boundaries.

Be it ebook, paperback, hardcover or any other format that you have in your mind, we help you to get that to your readers with minimum effort but creating maximum impact.

We offer an end to end publishing solution that covers all the aspects of a writing and publishing life cycle. Starting right from pre-manuscript completion mentoring to publishing and distributing your book across the world, we do all the support work to get your work recognized. And don’t worry, it isn’t expensive at all. Because, here at Booksthakam, we too are writers and we know how it feels to be a writer in today’s world. Join the league of writers and get your work published.

Feel free to get in touch with us for a very affordable and customized package. 

Edit and proof read

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