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India's Youngest Bestselling Author

On the fourth of July, 2021, as the United States celebrates its Independence day, a new writer is born with his debut 'Murder at the Leaky Barrel' at the age of eleven.

What possibly an eleven-year-old could offer to the world of highly competitive fiction?

Within the half-day of its release, the book hits number one (#1) Best Seller in Children's Crime & Thriller category in Amazon, making 'Murder at the Leaky Barrel' written by Joshua Bejoy an instant Amazon bestseller. Though the bestselling chart on amazon is based on sales and updated hourly, Joshua's novel held the title of number one bestseller for four days in a row and still counting. Thus this marked him as India's youngest bestselling author.

Joshua Bejoy

The author Joshua Bejoy is an eleven-year-old student from Pune, India. He wrote an inverted mystery, 'Murder at the Leaky Barrel' while confined to home during the lockdown. Apart from writing, he likes painting, playing the guitar, and baking.

In his own words:

"The rush of happiness that I experience when I write is something that I can't describe! The richness in each word is nearly equal to sinking my teeth into some rich plum cake :) Each and every creation we make can be moulded into something great, just as my poem about the process of making bread describes:

'At first, I'm paste without a taste,

Then with a spoon, you roll me out, rather in a haste,

As you work on me, I get softer by time,

Until you set me into my mould,

And after baking, you get culinary gold!'"

Murder at the Leaky Barrel

Friday the thirteenth. Halloween night. 1532, Dublin, Ireland. After a night out in a bar, Edward Brown is returning back home, where he is murdered. Five centuries later, on Halloween, he has woken up from his sleep, a thought to get revenge in his mind. He kills both Max Watson and Horace Jones, two residents of Bluebell. Edward flees, leaving no clues. The case is investigated by various agencies, all to no avail. Presently, the case is in the hands of Dublin based investigation agency, UNWWAISMC. The case is given to Maralays Hover, a detective, and Root Anderson, a forensic psychologist. Join both of them on their mysterious and perilous journey to uncover the reason for the murder and bring the unidentified person behind it to justice.

Amazon Reviews

Awesome book for thriller lovers.

It is an awesome book, can't believe it has been written by a 6th Grader. It is a thrilling story which is awesome for thriller lovers.

-Anish Syril

Mind-blowing imagination by a 6th grader

To write a murder mystery at his age.. blew my mind off. It is also written like a movie script with dialogues by most characters, with a scene behind every context. I hope someone makes a short movie out of it.



Really talented writer....This book is equally entertaining to both children and grown-ups...awesome read!


Renowned Authors about Joshua and his writings

Just read a few chapters... his language, imagination, and understanding of the background are really good, especially for an 11-year-old

-Pramod Shankar

One of the India's Finest Poet

Wonders of God... never have I ever encountered such a talent in my life. I was never a fan of born writers or artists, but Joshua proved me all wrong with his skills in writings and caricatures. I believe that Joshua could be the best inspiration for other young talents in India.

-Ashvin Raj

Fiction Writer

Publisher's Words

When a ten-year-old came with a manuscript for publishing, just like how we judge a book cover, we had a set of expectations. Our editorial board couldn't believe to see Joshua's eminent efforts in writing each of his sentences at this age. His passion and love for writing are evident in his first work, and we already did sign up with Joshua for his second novel.

'Murder at the Leaky Barrel' also entered four major amazon market's bestseller charts; India, United States, Canada, and Australia. The book hits number one in the Indian market in twelve hours of its release, and our report says that there is a rush of sales among Kindle Unlimited users to make Joshua's title's ranking consistent as number one to date. It rightly explains that the Kindle market in India is growing among book lovers.

-Remi Reji

CEO of Booksthakam USA

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