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Team Booksthakam


Junaith Aboobaker

Ashvin Raj

Chairperson, Co-founder

Author Ashvin Raj had a penchant for writing from his school days. His debut 'My Girlfriend's Journal', the first book to the series Lies of Truth' entered Amazon's bestselling list within a week of its release achieving global attention and featured in renowned news media. He is also the first Asian writer to publish a hardcover with KDP, and the first Indian writer to publish on Kindle Vella - 'I'M EMOTIONLESS'. He also has a nickname as the 'One Dollar Instructor' among aspiring authors as he supports their authorships for just one dollar. Later he brought together a team of writers who had the same vision & dream to start a publishing house and thus Booksthakam came to its origin.

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Vineeth Thunoli

Chief Marketing Officer, Publisher


Ajeesh Kumar G

Chief Operating Officer

Ajeesh Kumar G is the youngest partner of Booksthakam publishers. He holds a diploma in 3D animation and is currently doing his degree in English language and literature. He began his career at Booksthakam as a designer and designed more than thirty book covers. Since the agenda of the publication is to promote young talents, Booksthakam immediately absorbed Ajeesh into its team. He further proved himself and earned the title of Chief Operating Officer, proving that age is just a number.He is now effectively managing both his studies and his responsibilities at Booksthakam, setting an example to aspiring people to follow their passion along with their studies.

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Chief Business Officer

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Anish Raj

Creative Director

Nithya A.S

Production Artist

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Suchithra R

Head Accountant 

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