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Our Story

We are Booksthakam, an initiative kick-started by some writers on August 15, 2020, which eventually became a publishing firm having more than 30 titles available across the globe under its banner.

Booksthakam Publishing House also holds the credit of having India's youngest bestselling author.

We believe in the power of creativity to transcend boundaries.

Our mission is to educate, engage, and enhance the literary experience of every reader and writer.

At Booksthakam, we offer a platform for writers and readers to connect seamlessly.

2020 - 2021

2021 - 2022

2022 - 2023

2023 - 2024

2024 - 2025

Founded by seven writers  

Published five titles of aspiring authors  

One of the founders Author Ashvin Raj became our investor 

Many professionals joined as stakeholders 

Consulted and guided more than a hundred authors 

Published twelve more titles of aspiring authors 

Marked our place in the worldwide publishing industry by achieving the credit of having India's youngest bestselling author; a national title in the publishing house. 

Got featured and endorsed by many nationally renowned media and personalities.

Made our books printed and available worldwide, any reader can get our books within a week from their respective amazon e-commerce platforms.  


Published twelve more titles of celebrated and young aspiring authors

Many of our books became a consistent entity in amazon bestseller charts worldwide 

Started five imprints under our banner 

Many of our aspiring authors became celebrated authors following our proven innovative marketing guidelines. 

Submission closed for Indian authors

Published one title

Five more titles to be published this year 

We are expanding our publishing to authors outside India

Submissions for authors from the United States are now open

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Our BOOKS are now available Worldwide!

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