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The Modus Operandi of Booksthakam Publishers

Traditional Publishing 

  1. The Publisher has the final say in deciding the features of the book, selected through ‘Call for Submissions’; and the copyright remains with the Publisher.

  2. 10% royalty will be provided to authors publishing ‘traditionally’. 

  3. Publishing is completely free of cost.

  4. The books published with us will be available in three formats: eBooks, Paperbacks, and Audiobooks.

  5. We enable worldwide distribution of our books through Amazon, according to the demands and requirements of the different marketplaces.

  6. We facilitate Offline distribution in America through Booksthakam USA. 

  7. Royalty is released at the end of every financial year, regardless of your publication time.

  8. Unlimited Author Copies at a minimal rate are available to every author at Booksthakam.

  9. We have a Readers’ Community with over a hundred members pan India to support and promote your works throughout the country.

  10. Pricing and formatting are done by the Publisher, though suggestions are welcome for the Cover Design and Book Description.

  11.  Consultations from Bestselling Authors: Pre-publishing and Post publishing consultations are provided free of cost at Booksthakam. Also, free Customer Relation Consultations are available on all Saturdays, upon the author’s request through email, for prior booking of slots.

  12. We provide Personalized PR solutions and Marketing Solutions to all our authors based on the requirements and possibilities centered around their works.

  13. Author interviews through our Social Media platforms.

  14. Featured book reviews and articles through our website.

  15. Guidance provided in creating an Amazon Author Central page, an Author Website, and Business Emails.

  16. A multitude of Author Support programs, Workshops, Seminars, and Meet-ups.

  17. Additional services like Editing and Proofreading are available at separate charges, depending on the size of the book.

  18. Expert advice on post-publishing, marketing, opportunities, possibilities, and everything related can be availed monthly, at the rate of 1 USD per consultation.

  19.  Apart from all these, we are more than happy to provide a NOC to deliver the authors the rights to publish their works with other publishers in other languages; upon written request from the author.

  20. The Publisher also holds the AV rights of the book.

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